I feel your pain

These blogs have definitely been good for at least one thing: knowing that others who are in a very similar position as you are feelin’ your pain. The majority of us who are doing Networked Media at the moment are very similar ages, with very similar ambitions and have been through a lot of the same shit in life (i.e. high school, work, travel). Anyway, sometimes its nice to know that others are struggling to understand the coursework as well…

Or even just struggling to see how what we are learning is relevant to…well…anything. Take Kenton for instance, who wonders why we need to know about nodes, the 80/20 theory and bell curves, when we are studying under a communication media degree. Hmmmm, yeah, not sure.

Secondly, I think everyone’s going through a bit of that ‘post-travel depression’ at the moment… including me. Out of the people that I know in this course who took a gap year in 2013, every one of them has posted a photo from their travels within the last week (Nethaniel, Evan and Angus). I think it’s gotten to that time of the year, where we’re realising it’s almost been a good 12 months since we got back and reality is starting to set in that studying and work is going to be the rest of our lives and maybe those were the best days of our existence. Okay, that’s a little cynical, but at least for me I know last year was a very rare time in my life where I was still able to live at home (thus not pay any rent), work 5 jobs, take a rest from study and disappear from Australia for as long as I wanted really. And unfortunately that opportunity may never arise again.

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