Shout Outs

Evan and I seem to have extremely similar interpretations and opinions about last week’s reading by Shields, see his post ‘Jigsaw Writing’ and my post ‘Mosaics’. Similarly, Steph talks about this fragmented style of writing in her post ‘Collages’, comparing it to one of Picasso’s pieces ‘Guitar’, an artwork we had studied last semester in Editing Media Texts.

On a different note, Michael gets deep and meaningful in the realm of social networking. His blog post ‘It’s Late And I’m Full Of Feels And This Is Semi-Related To Networked Media’ presents a topic that I’m sure everyone who has a phone or Facebook can relate to. He discusses the idea of a message being ‘seen’ and the resulting ‘disheartenment’ we all feel when we think the person on the other side is ignoring us. It really does suck. Especially when you crave the empathy of that particular person. Thus I agree with Michael in saying that these networks that are ‘designed to bring us together are even better at tearing us apart’. However, I do have something to add… it can be even more frustrating when you receive that tick of ‘receivement’ from the person you’re messaging and the message is something legitimately and professionally important. Just last night I contacted a girl who I needed to do an interview with for Broadcast Media. She had already agreed to do the interview, it was just a matter of organising a time and date to do it. I know she’s seen it… but still no reply grrrrrr.



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