The Elephant’s Garden

One of my friends is considering applying for the Animation Program at RMIT and on her visits to the university she came across this short clip by a past student who goes by the name of Felix Colgrave. If I had any talent in drawing, I would have most likely progressed into an animation course as well (although my interests mainly lie in 3D modelling and digital animation, rather than 2D cartoons). I really love this ‘genre’ (if you can call it that) for the obvious reason -> what you can’t do in real life, you can do in animation; and I think the video below exploits this concept beautifully. It has been put together immaculately – the intricate patterns, creative characters and even the perceived use of focus changes make it stand out amongst the animations that are broadcast on TV today. It puts cartoons like Adventure Time and South Park to shame in terms of aesthetics; I do realise that the ‘simpler’ drawings and colour palettes are part of both of these shows’ distinctive styles (and don’t get me wrong they are some of my favourite series of all time), but wouldn’t it be great if a cartoon with this delicacy of detail was to come out as a TV show?… or even a film? Wouldn’t it be great to revive the 2D animation feature length films in a time when cinema has shifted so dramatically towards ‘3D experiences’, digital modelling and CGI?

Anyway, that’s my two cents worth for today; so in the words of Kath & Kim, ‘snaps’ for Felix Colgrave, a guy who must have an incredibly wild sense of imagination to create something as silly yet as perfect as this…

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