Talented Human Beings

There’s nothing that makes me happier than people that I love, music that I love and films that I love. Below is the epitome of all of these things mashed together. I remember coming home from a shocking day out and about a few weeks ago to find this video posted on Facebook by three of my good friends, consecutively. As soon as I laid eyes on it I cheered up. Last week in my post The Zen’s at work’ I mentioned that the music for the short film I had created was by an electronic artist who goes by the name of Leaks (or in the real world, Tom Guida). Well, this is the film clip of the song he wrote about his girlfriend, Bittie, mixed by Monty Harnett. The video was directed and edited by Declan Sands, his friends also helping him out with the camera work, lighting and colourisation. I could not have been prouder seeing three of the boys from back home collaborating to create something so beautiful – the sound is so crisp, the depth of field so shallow, the colours so starkly white, the aspect ratio so wide, the tracking shots so smooth and tom’s eyebrows…well they’re a feature of their own! If you’ve got a few minutes to spare (or even if you haven’t), those minutes won’t be wasted watching this clip I can assure you.

Leaks – Often It’s You (Live) from Declan sands on Vimeo.

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