The Story Lab: Final Project

Our Final Project group aims to explore more deeply the story of Californian shooter Elliot Rodgers, through several different platforms. We chose this story because we all found it very interesting (especially his manifesto found here –¬† Through the medium of film, articles, song and a blog, we are attempting to create an interesting take on this fascinating story.


Tiana, Kylie, Kevin, James and myself


1. Come to class

2. Good communication between members

3. Even contribution across the group (putting forward our skills and sticking to it)

4. Making (and sticking to) our timeline

5. Willing to offer constructive opinions/advice

Inspiration (a work in progress) – I know we aren’t supposed to use Wikipedia as a reference, but this is an good starting point for our research

Obviously our main inspiration is Rodger’s manifesto, as it gives us an in depth, first person look into his world and psyche. Rodgers also had a YouTube channel ( which documents more of his world. – The Laura K project – which is an interesting take on the murder mystery genre, invites audiences to become more active and involved in the solving of a mystery.

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