Reflection on my sketch film

Yesterday I had the viewing and assessment of my sketch film. It was a really interesting way to have my work assessed as it provided real time feedback from Jasmine about my work.

The most important thing that I got feedback on was how my work was understood by the audience. When reviewing my work, I thought the major theme would be the comparison of inside and outside, or night and dark. However, when Jasmine watched my film she picked up on a theme which was entirely different. It was an interesting way to see how my work can be interpreted by other people. This is important to keep in mind for the final project for this subject, as we want the audiences to understand what we were trying to communicate to them. We can achieve this by audience testing and receiving feedback from people before we submit it.

Another interesting thing was getting the opportunity to view someone else’s work for this semester. As we are all given the same constrained tasks and framework to work under, it was interesting to see how other people responded to the prompts.

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