Blog Post – Week 11 (Photo)

Week 11 – Photo

How did you author (the photo or video) you recorded to upload to Instagram?

This week’s photo was taken on the main camera on my Samsung s10e and is of the pitch bend and modulation wheel on my Edirol PCR-500 MIDI controller. The shot is meant to highlight the unpleasant texture on the wheel as a result of the rubber degrading, making it sticky and prone to getting dust and hair stuck on it. A close up angle was used, with autofocus aiding in the recording of the image by automatically adjusting depth of field to make the background out of focus while the subject is crystal clear. This does a really good job of highlighting the little details and conveying the point. The angle the photo was taken at is also more flat than in previous postings, allowing for the wooden headboard to be seen in the background as opposed to the red bedsheets featured previously. The depth of field fixes this, however, with the colour appearing more red. No filter was used, but brightness was raised and the Instagram ‘shadows’ modifier was raised to bring out detail in the shadows and bring some brightness to a bit of a shady picture.

How did you publish (the photo or video) you recorded for upload to Instagram?

A couple of test shots were initially taken to try and get the angle right, so as to show off the keyboard and maybe a bit of red in the background, as some pictures ended up with the blue wallpaper in frame. I continued my experimentation with almost ‘Buzzfeed’-like captioning, with a ‘Yucky!’ at the start of the caption to grab the reader’s attention. Over time, my captions have also gotten longer, but more concise in conveying their meaning. The hashtags #design, #roland, #edirol and #keyboard were used. I initially wanted to tag the Roland Corporation’s Instagram account, but it turns out they didn’t have one, so no user or geotags were used.

How did you distribute (the photo or video) you published on Instagram to other social media services?

Similarly to the other postings, the picture was shared to Twitter and Tumblr automatically through Instagram. A disappearing story with the ‘Stay Home’ sticker was also posted to aid in visibility. While I don’t think the Stay Home sticker actually does anything for the algorithm, I like the sentiment, and it gives the account a less corporate feeling, as now it’s clear a person put some care into the curation of the account.

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