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Classification Grades
Grade 4

Item presents no immediate threat to human beings physically or mentally. These anomalies that are either sufficiently understood that they are now completely and reliably contained on a permanent basis or otherwise do not trigger their anomalous effects unless intentionally activated.

Classifying an anomaly as Safe, however, does not mean that handling or activating it does not pose a threat, and personnel are to be reminded that all Special Containment Procedures and safety protocols are to be observed at all times.

Grade 3

Item present minor threat to human beings physically or mentally. These anomalies that are either insufficiently understood or inherently unpredictable and as such pose a danger to humans. The vast majority of anomalies cataloged and contained by the ACP are initially classified as Grade 3 until they are either sufficiently understood or exhibit sufficient danger to qualify for reclassification.

Grade 2

Item present immediate threat to human beings and humanity. These anomalies pose an inimical threat to the safety of the agency personnel and the rest of mankind and either require extensive and complex procedures to contain or cannot be fully contained by the agency’s current technology and knowledge.

These anomalies are generally considered the most dangerous ones in ACP containment, and all research efforts are directed towards enabling more reliable containment of such anomalies or, as a last resort, the timely neutralization or destruction of its anomalous effects.

any anomaly that exhibits autonomy, sentience and/or sapience is generally classified a Grade 2 entity at minimum, due to the inherent unpredictability of an object that can act or think on its own.

Grade 1

Item presents an immediate and catastrophic threat to all human beings. These objects are highly classified and extremely rare anomalies that are utilized by the ACP to contain or counteract the effects of other highly dangerous anomalies, especially Grade 2-class objects. Even the mere existence of Grade 1-class objects is classified at the highest levels of the Agency and their locations, functions, and current status are known to few ACP personnel outside of the administration.