Interview with Marcus Cook

Over the past week, we had been discussing a lot of our plans over Facebook Messenger, seeing as how that was the most convenient method for all of us. Jordan had been e-mailing Marcus Cook, our assigned artist for Assessment 3, liaising to come upon a suitable day in which we would be able to hold an interview and film a short documentary with him.

And so, the day was finally here. Siobhan had to babysit, so Jordan and I handled the interview. I came up with a couple of interview questions to give Jordan a rough idea on some of the things he could potentially talk to Marcus about, and Jordan booked a TV studio at RMIT.

On the day of the interview, however, we found out that we had been double-booked. However, we were lucky enough to get help from some of the RMITV crew, and they reassigned us to a radio theatre at Building 9, and even gave us a couple of external lights. Jordan and I had no experience whatsoever with setting up those lights, but thankfully we managed it quite alright.

We set up a key light, back light, and fill light. We arranged the setup, had the main camera filming on a tripod, a Zoom mic recording audio, and one floating camera which I later handled. On the other hand, Jordan held the interview with Marcus Cook. No doubt there were a few technical difficulties with the main camera as it heated up and also ran out of memory, we eventually managed to get the footage we needed, so all was well.

Overall, it was a good experience, from contacting our artist, all the way to documenting his experiences with Testing Grounds. Siobhan will be editing the video, and I’m personally excited to see how the final cut would turn out.

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