It’s about how you see it

In class earlier today, we watched the final few presentations. One thing that stood out to me was from Elle and Claire’s videos of the drains at South Yarra. They placed little candles on the waters of the drain, and we watched as they travelled from the pitch darkness of the tunnel, out into the bright daylight. There was a sort of significance to it, and it was almost as if a reminder of what our own lives are like.

The drain reminded me of life as a valley; a continuous journey. The lighted candles represent us, as people, and how we go through life without ever being able to go back in time, but having to keep moving forward, through both darkness and light. And if we can keep a positive attitude, such as the lights do, even darkness – or difficult times – wouldn’t have a hold on us.

There was also a moment in the video where they were in the bridge/tunnel, and they shouted “HELLO!” followed by some whistles, as if testing what they sounded like under there. Jordan commented on the audio and it was a very interesting point. He talked about how sometimes, the nature of the audio is sometimes lost when we try so hard to manipulate it or imply different things on to it. The innocence and natural response of them going “HELLO!” just gave the video a rather organic feel, because if anybody were to venture down that tunnel as well, it would too be our very response.

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