Feedback for Assessment 2

After having completed and submitted our videos for Assessment 2, we were then required to present them in class earlier today.

Some of the comments I received was on the video’s sense of eeriness, which was what I was aiming for. Someone also mentioned that he liked the contrast between macro and wide shots. Robbie noticed my tendency to trace objects and linkages from one end to the other, and also the play of light and blurriness, and mentioned that it was as if mapping the building’s history and the connection of perhaps people who have had interacted with that place.

It’s interesting how we begin with a particular intention or interest in mind, and how others who watch it would be capable of noticing something else instead. Robbie also commented that my sound was a little overlooked – which I now do agree with – and that there is so much more that can be experimented with both sound and visuals.

Overall, it was a very interesting class as we got to see the places that our fellow classmates have explored and documented. It’s very inspiring. I also do hope that I will be able to outdo myself in the upcoming assessments.

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