Feedback Friday

Yesterday, my group mate and I had a discussion for our second project. We took a look at the videos used for our case studies, and began to analyse it in terms of how it connected with its audiences. We then came up with a concept statement to guide the sketches for our second project:

Based on our case studies, we took a look at the feedback and comments received and found several aspects that make watching a video more memorable. Upon gaining a better idea of our audiences, we have noticed that people are more likely to participate when it comes to something that attracts or entertains. Hence, taking the elements of facts and humour to guide our concept, we plan to give viewers a fresh perspective on something that is not actively thought about.

However, after today’s consultation, we realised that we were too caught up with a video’s content, rather than the elements that make it unique. We now have a better idea of what to do in terms of our concept statement and sketches, and we will be re-discussing our ideas tomorrow. Hoping that all goes well!

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