Online video – who needs it?

Looking back at the presentations that were done in class, I have come to notice the types of viewers of different online video practices. It was engaging to see what each student finds interest in. From comedy and tutorials to gaming and commercials, it is evident that the existence of online video is something that many rely on for both information and entertainment.

Doing this case study has further sparked my interest in the various online video practices that are made available to us. Its role in the media sphere is immense – it is a platform for people to share their thoughts and ideas; to publicise and advertise; to communicate with and even influence people all over the world. There is really so much more to what online video can do for people, and the fact that it has served such a great purpose over the past few years is simply overwhelming.

I’m beginning to see that online video is more than just a practice; it is an essential element to the world of technology. It is useful in so many aspects – think of the girls who look to online tutorials for makeup guidance; think of all the comedic videos that have made tiring days a little more bearable; think of how catch-up TV has made its way into busy schedules.

I’ve always had an interest in online video but never have I looked at it as such an important tool. It’s practically regarded as necessary.

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