Blogging, you say?

‘Tis the beginning of a new semester in a completely different environment. Today was my first Online Video Experiments (OVE) class and it definitely is a breath of new air, after my six-month-long break back in Malaysia. New people, and new things to learn. It’s interesting – that’s for sure – and to begin with, each student is to have a blog in which he/she will post entries every week, be it after a class or whenever inspiration strikes.

One of the most importantĀ things about learning is being able to reflect on what has been thought about throughout the day. It ensures that your thought processes are in check and it gives you the opportunity to really ponder about what has been discussed in the studio.

This practice would encourage students to think about a specific thing that stands out to them, and blog about it. It’s a kind of practice-based research, where we are allowed to experiment and see what works and what doesn’t. It should be pretty interesting, and I’m looking forward to what’s ahead and what I’ll be learning this semester.

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