All 3 guests have been confirmed –


Mitu Bhowmick-Lange

Celeste Liddle

Helen Gaynor


This is so exciting! I am really impressed by the panel! So finally I could also make the finally touches for the poster and they are up everywhere! I also made the logo! I am really happy with how they have turned out. It’s so exciting to see the poster around RMIT. I am mostly happy that my group is happy with it. I received a lot of constructive criticism and positive feedback and I am really happy for it.

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Matt, Sam and Mollie organized with the TV studio people to borrow props for the Seminar. We all have a very specific idea regarding lighting and how the space looks. We want it to feel like a show, and create a new atmosphere to really enhance the experience. This excitement is seriously growing.


The group also filmed the promotion video – and Sarah came up with the idea of the host (Prani) trying to find her way to building 80 – showing her epic adventure to get to the seminar. They all filmed and cut it in the same day. Mardy shot the footage. I saw the video, and it was so exciting to see! It turned out amazingly!!

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