This week seemed much more organized and you could tell that Mollie was getting stressed about the progress being made. (I am really happy she is team leader, she is working so hard and being so great and you can tell she really wants to do a great job!).


Mollie came up with group jobs –


The teams consist of:

– Guest Team: Will reach out to our guests and keep in contact with them/make them feel welcome on the day of seminar

– Social Media Team: Will take care of all social media aspects of seminar including facebook, instagram and twitter.

– Design Team: Will design poster to advertise seminar as well as brochure for the actual day as a handout. Also will be responsible for printing posters and advertisements.

– Video Promo Team: will be in charge of planning, shooting and editing together.

– Stage Production Team: Will be in charge of stage setup, lighting, audio and filming the seminar.

– Catering: In charge of snacks and refreshments!


This was a clear and productive way to get jobs sorted and break up into little groups to be more effective. I am apart of the design team and stage production. I am feeling excited about being on the design team and here are the mock-ups!


I went with the EPIC ADVENTURE theme – with the mountains in the background. I used the Joan of Arc statue and kept it very black and white. I wanted to make it look like an exhibition poster – something formal yet enticing. I also used a black stencil of mountains to emphasis the Epic Adventure. I also did it to create the mixed media type of poster. I think it turned out well. When I get all the guests are confirmed I will put more detail on the posters and add the logos.

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 5.43.04 pm



Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 5.43.39 pm










Another meeting time was also made – Thursday’s at 5PM. Unfortunately I can’t make it to these meetings because I have work. Mollie said she would fill me and also with the group meeting summaries!

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