– Joan of Art: Heroines of the Media –


Week 4 and the team are still a little unsure about the direction. But I have to say it’s still really exciting. There are so many ideas flowing around and I know once we lock in the general feel we want, everyone is going to be really excited and working hard.


Social media has taken a back burner – originally we wanted to do our own instagram, Facebook page and Twitter, but we have realized that is a lot of work. The steering committees have been great and they will probably do a great job helping us market our seminar. So we will come up with hashtags – and the content.


For the poster, I have been doing a lot of research and made a PINTEREST BOARD. Personally, every time I create something or do a photos hoot I need to do research and see what inspires me, and develop my own aesthetic.


LINK – Pinterest Board


I really liked the mixed media approach – drawing with photography. I also liked Sam’s original idea of the poster to put Joan within it.

Rejections –

Sue Maslin – will be flying to Toronto Film Festival


The group had an amazing idea to email Natalie Tran – a youtuber, well known Australian Vlogger. She is a freelancer, and also extremely entertaining and we think it would be so great for her to be on the panel! I feel like she would bring a lot to the table.


We haven’t heard from Clementine Ford – hopefully we hear from her soon. We are going to ask Celeste Liddle if we don’t hear back or she can’t make it! Who is a great seat for woman in the media in the journalism and professional writing field.


I was yet to finish the mock-up’s – but I am hoping to do so before next week! I am really excited. I hope the group really like them. I have had a huge amount of feedback on the Facebook group – and everyone is liking the ideas that I am thinking of and debating!


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