The groups have been made and it I originally put myself into the film group. Although, I had second thoughts and saw the Woman in Media group and thought that it might suit me better. I am really excited!!!


Mollie was elected team leader – and so far I am really happy. She seems very organized and passionate, and I think that’s very important in a leader.


So far we have set-up a Facebook and have been brainstorming names for the group. The Facebook group is, so far, a great way to communicate. We have been listing names all week to whom we think should be on the panel. There have been a lot of interesting names and ideas for a diverse panel.


Every meeting we decided to have – we would have someone writing the conversation up in a Google Doc.


At the start I was really interested in handling the designs for the group – I had a lot of idea’s for the poster and video. British Vogue released a video of Emma Watson interviewing designers about Feminism/ Equality within the fashion industry and I really liked the aesthetics of the film. I thought it was appealing and had a great use of life. So I instantly took on the role to create the poster / logos / social media. I really wanted to do something visual in this because I feel like I could bring a different aesthetic to enhance the marketing of the seminar.


Mollie took the initiative too write up a summary of what we discussed during the meeting – which was amazing. Because when I got home, it was really easy to see what I had to do and what everyone else was doing. It was just very clear communication. We also discussed stage production, because we don’t particularly like the lighting / feel / atmosphere of the room. I really like my group so far. They all seem passionate about the project thus far!!!

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