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elliot explains the deadliness of copyright

elliot explains the deadliness of copyright

I am trying to think of a clever way to convey the information and exercises we do on a Friday to my readers but it is proving difficult. Side note, make sure you download the above album by Horrowshow, awesome lyrics and was written when they were just in high school. ANYWAY! I have an idea for next weeks class but I don’t want to waste it this week. O whatever, lets get this out of the way. Elliot engaged in a class discussion extending off the ideas presented in the lecture about copyright and the laws and ideas surrounding it. We touched on many ‘grey areas’ meaning the legal outcomes can be very difficult to determine, however generally in these situations, the company or individual with the most moneys is going to win 🙁

Unfortunately for my classmates I got really into this discussion, leaving them to listen to the sound of my droning voice for at least 45 minutes. Left them ‘enthralled’ as can be seen below…

matt, ash and meg with their 'engaged' faces

matt, ash and meg with their ‘engaged’ faces

Then it was onto more serious topics which seemed to put the class into a frenzy, despite Isabella’s constant Harry Potter distractions. Elliot gave us a proper example of what the HTML test will be like seen below. Essentially we have to have an understanding of how the framework of a basic HTML site works so things like headings, hyperlinks, images, bold text etc. I thought it was actually going to be a lot more but this doesn’t seem so bad.

coding n uploading

coding n uploading

So I came home and attempted to replicate what we did in class. I put the following code into TextWrangler;

<h1>Le Heading</h1>
<i>A <a href=“”>link</a></i>
<img src=“”
<strong> THE END. </strong>
Then saved it and went to the web browser to be confronted with this…


The image I am attempting to insert into the HTML code is this following which I took but it is being linked through google images off Facebook so I am wondering if that is where the problem lies. Either that or I haven’t closed the code off properly.

bring back willem!

bring back willem!

If anyone knows how to fix this please let me know, but I am sure it is just a minor issue. That is all I have to say about that.



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