PUP – Punk Music Videos

I just thought I’d share one of my favourite punk band PUP and their great music videos. I first saw PUP at small music venue in Bendigo and afterwards I researched them online to find that they have really good music videos, in my opinion anyway. They are a reasonably big band but not massive by any means which makes the quality of these videos even more impressive.

Apparently the story of PUPs origin is that they all quit their jobs and took a gamble dedicating themselves completely to the band. This video for Guilt Trip somewhat takes the romanticism of PUP’s origin and dramatizes it, showing the members of PUP getting together as kids through a series of misfortune events. I love the idea of the origin story and love how well made this video is featuring beautiful landscapes while keeping that punk feel throughout the video.

The video for their song Mabu is a little less narrative based but very entertaining. It basically shows the members preparing/smashing the lead singers car in preparation for a demolition derby. Everyone knows people love watching things get destroyed and I think that’s why this video is so entertaining. I like how the video is very real with effects kept to minimum apart from slow motion.

Anyway, I just wanted to share a couple of videos that I really like. My friends are in a punk band and are thinking about making a music video with my help so its good research to look at other punk music videos to get a feel for the genre and how it’s generally represented onscreen. A recent punk video that I thought was great is Violent Soho’s Like Soda which is shot entirely at the lawn bowls club.