Dawn Shadforth’s Music Videos

We watched a variety of Dawn Shadforth’s work in class the other week . I didn’t know who she was before this although I did recognise a couple of the videos. Her most notable work is probably the music video for Can’t Get You Out Of My Head by Kylie Minogue. While very popular at the time I find it a little cringe-worthy to watch now but still somewhat entertaining.

I was however captured by her Goldfrapp video for the song Number One. It’s limited color scheme of green and pink with everything else appearing desaturated appealed to me. This combined with the unique idea of the video deriving from the lyric ‘I’m a dog to get you’ creates an interesting one of a kind music video.

goldfrap no 1

Her work is quite varied although a lot of it seems to have great choreographed performances for instance her music video for Florence and Machines Drumming Song. It reminded me slightly of the concept of our music video with all the women wearing black and with the hanging material on their costumes. This was something that we intended to do but never actually happened. The choreography in this video is relatively simple but very effective and in hindsight I wish we integrated some moves for our extras in our music video. The movement in Drumming Song makes the video come to life something that we could have worked on a little more. Interestingly the main character in this video also stands out with her glowing red hair just like Mo and Emma do in our video.

drumming song

Dawn Shadforths work is varied and is useful to look to for inspiration. I actually wish I more of her work because we begun on the production of our music video.

Over and out,