Course Reflection

The Great Belgian Egg Hunt aka. Music Video production has come to an end just in time to start semester 1 of 2016. Summer school has been quite enjoyable surprisingly. I only did this because I failed a class last year and I needed to make up the credit but I’ve gotten a lot out of it. I feel like by doing summer school I’m going to be mentally prepared for the semester ahead and start the year positively rather than just being in holiday mode.


The two classes a week worked perfectly with my part-time job and other commitments. I’ve had a busy but constructive and enjoyable six weeks. I found the pace and amount of content in this class ideal, there wasn’t too many reading etc that would distract us from our main project. I’ve learnt a lot, made friends, used the RMITV studios for the first time, had an avocado smoothie (thanks to Jordan) and most of all I helped make something. Many of my classes in my past have been very theoretical and it refreshing to have a class where it all evolves around us making something that we can call our own. I’ve gotten more experience in working with a group and learnt what its like to be a part of a production team. Furthermore I’ve gained some experience in lighting, something that I haven’t done too much of in the past. I aslo got to familarise myself some equiptment that I hadn’t had the pleasure of using.

I feel that this class has motivated me to just get out there and start creating content. I’ve kind of always thought I wasn’t good enough but now I realise that if I put enough effort in I could create some quality work. As well as creating I’ve also consumed a lot of media. It was great to watch all the interesting music videos in class as inspiration as well as the work of my classmates. I loved seeing the variety of work that the class produced and everyone individual creativity coming together to create a professional piece of media.

I would recomend this class to students in the future due to its practical aspect and the independent control you have over your project. You can really create whatever you like.

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