White Balance / Color Balance

In today’s studio we learnt how to adjust the white balance both manually and by using the preset buttons in which we could customise. Color temperture is measured in Degrees Kelvin (K).  The color tempertures we use most are Daylight which is ballparked 5600K and indoor Tungsten lighting 3200K. Higher color tempertures such as Daylight are considered cool (blue) and lower color tempertures such as Tungsten are considered warm (yellow/orange).

Considering this, if I am shooting indoor under tungsten light I will set my cameras white balance settings to 3200K. The camera will then correct your camera’s settings to ensure that white appears white.

To mannually set white balance get a white card (white paper will do, even though its not pure white, it’ll do for most cases) and hold it front of the camera so it is taking up the entire shot. Angle the paper towards the light source you want to use. Then click the manual white balance button on the camera and it will read the exact color temperture of the light source.

White Balance


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