The world of Pinterest

In the last class before the long weekend break, we were broken up into different groups once again and were given topics to work on. What we got for our Niki page this time, was something far more interesting and creative than the one I had prior to this. We were going to be doing up a Niki page on



What could be more interesting right? I’ve not been an active user of Pinterest but it’s no doubt one of the sites that I would go on to, together with Tumblr for creative inspirations and a platform I go to, to seek thoughts and whimsical aspirations as well. So what is Pinterest actually? According to wikipedia,

” Pinterest is a pinboard-style photo-sharing website that allows users to create and manage theme-based image collections such as events, interests, and hobbies. Users can browse other pinboards for images, “re-pin” images to their own pinboards, or “like” photos. ”



They are inspirational boards which allows us to pin up pictures and images into different themed boards found on the site. We are able to share it with other people or set up private inspirational pinboard as a pictorial diary or for any purpose we want it to. We’re also able to create our own themes and add in inspiration for others to see.



Therefore, instead of doing up a inspirational board on hand like the image above, everything is done online, without us having to move our butts. Also, there are millions of inspiration to be found online Pinterest shared by the rest of the world. Of course, if you love having to craft up your own inspiration board like the above is just as inspiring because most of us can’t be stuffed to do that.


Pinterest is not just a platform for inspiration but also a platform for businesses. Many stores has turned Pinterest into their biggest traffic drivers. Because Pinterest didn’t have a link back to where one could buy a store’s product. Most of the stores started linking all of their look books back to their website and integrated “Pin it” buttons on all their product pages.


Most stores also created their own relevant boards to use as inspiration for their brand and for photo shoot ideas. They use data analysis to help in purchasing decisions based on viewer’s styles, colors, cuts etc and are constantly seeing people pin and re-pin images back to their boards. The stores tend to see their images pop up on people’s inspiration boards, wish lists, style and clothing boards which drives prospective customers back onto their webpage to look for more.


I feel that, anything on the internet can be used to our advantage in so many ways, it gives inspiration and drives knowledge and creativity. It also helps businesses and creates a space for one to just dwell and seek comfort in. Pinterest is one of the many sites like that and a site which I hope will continue to stay for a long time to come.




Search Engine Optimization ( SEO Success Pyramid)






I am writing another blog post on SEO because I’ve recently become a firm believer on it. It’s a unique form of starting a business and can be used to earn quick bucks once you’ve got the hang of it and know how to work on it. It is also a very good method for passive income. Something which we young people, need to start to be aware of. Make the money work for you and not the other way round. SEO is also something which can be set up easily with the right connections and also business ideas. And of course, you can start it off with just a blog which is practically free. Or way more cost efficient than setting up a business.


I would like to talk about the SEO success pyramid – which shows a pyramid shaped model (obviously) with key elements and aspects in helping one reach their SEO goals. You must have an understanding of what SEO is and what it can make out for you and your site. With quality content on website, you can inspire people to put a link back to you. Once you know you have a solid product or service and you’ve put in hours polishing your site, you need to attract users.


One thing you need to know is that just because a keyword has a lot of competition does not mean that it is impossible for you to rank for. This is best performed by an experienced qualified in market research. The search engines will bring you traffic, but it’s the readers who recommend your articles to others, who will keep your traffic coming for years to come. Pay Per Ranking: The payment system where the SEO company is paid a monthly amount per keyword which is listed on Google 1st page organic results. Don’t forget the whole element of blogging and RSS feeds in your article distribution.


So what’s wrong with that approach? In a similar way, you can use just about any popular news item in order to gain attention in the blog directories. Optimization process is a long and demanding process. Know how important links are for YOUR website.


If you have spent a great deal of time and effort putting together a new business and corresponding website, it would be a shame if your potential customers were unable to find your site online when searching for related services. All in all, I hope this prospectus helps SEO beginners, SEO customers, SEO experts, and other related SEO people. It’s about time we make the money work for us. Work hard but also work smart, and that is where the money starts rolling in.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Blogging for SEO


The art of blogging has been around for decades, but many businesses are just starting to realize the true impact blogs can have on their search engine marketing and SEO campaigns. The result: Business-related blogs are popping up everywhere, proving to be a very marketable and profitable SEO tool.


Blogs can have the following affects on your Search Engine Optimization campaign:

  • Help your company find its niche
  • Increase the traffic coming to your site
  • Sending your depth of content and page rank soaring
  • Make you a fast friend of the search engine

Every site in the industry could receive a healthy boost in the search engines simply by posting regularly to a company blog. So why haven’t you started one yet?


The strength of your blog lies in its relevant, keyword-rich content and its ability to attract inbound links. Because blog entries are usually written on industry-related topics, the search engine will view your posts as being linked together and classify it as relevant content. Your daily posts on industry news, marketing campaigns, product releases, acquisitions or all-purpose general conversation will all count toward your page count as well as your perceived expertise. While creating your entries, it is very important to keep your keywords in mind. There is no need to pack them awkwardly into your sentences, but a few mentions of your company’s targeted terms will help your organic search engine rankings.


Blogs can do amazing things for page count. Some blog host applications, such as Moveable Type, will generate a unique HTML page for each individual entry. That means one new page for every entry you write, giving you lots of new pages and a big jump in PageRank. This is an excellent way to create pages for search engine optimization in a short amount of time. A blog entry a day may be all you need to send your page count soaring. This will also help your indexing as search engines typically prefer large sites over smaller ones, working under the notion that large sites are more likely to offer expert opinion than smaller ones. Frequent blogging will ensure that your site is spidered more frequently than sites that do not use blogs.


Search engines love blogs for many reasons. First, blogs are usually written in a simple format making them exceedingly easy for spiders to work through. There is no Flash or JavaScript standing in the way. The page code is often very clean, text rich HTML. Secondly, blogs give search engines exactly what they want – original content written in a natural way. What could be better? Search engines love blogs so much that many, including Google, have their own blog search which allows readers to search for information found specifically on blogs. Without a blog, you don’t even stand a chance of showing up on that search. Can you afford that?