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Marking its 10th birthday, social networking site Facebook reportedly provided its loyal users with a personalised video summary of their life so far on the site.┬áThe ‘Look Back’ compilation contains around 15 of a user’s most-likes photos, statuses, and life events.


The video aims to bring a personal touch to the Facebook milestone but like any algorithm-based process all feels a bit, well, impersonal, so expect your most treasured moments to include pictures of you pointing at cockroaches in a backpackers hotel set to sentimental plinky-plonky music.


Just a tip: You could be accosted with images you would rather not see, like the time when you put up an awkward picture and the one with your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend. Privacy settings take a bit of a backseat here since the video is essentially meant for you alone. Besides the privacy question, you can also not choose what images appear in the video.


I think it’s still something worth looking at, in the meanwhile two guys called tip and tyler made a parody on the facebook lookback. Check their parody out. It’s hilarious.



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