living plants – week 5

so, in my usual troll of everyone else’s blogs for ideas, i came across bec’s video responses to this week’s constraints.

her video of light from the perspective of a plant is rally enjoyable video that succeeds in making me understand how this plant views light. it’s a simple, static shot of a tree in the sunlight but the many different elements that combine to make this video are what make it feel so alive.

first off, the screen is filled with plants, the leaves of the tree in focus, it’s branches. but also the leaves of a wall of vines in the background. the plants are the main characters in this video. however, they are not the focus. the focus is the light coming from the sun. the bright light shining onto out main plant is contrasted against the plant in the background who is in shadow and this makes the light seem so much brighter. the light also flickers and glows as the leaves move in the winder, making both the light from the sun and the plants themselves feel really alive and in sync together. however, the best element of the video, which ties the others together, is the music playing in the background. it completely lifts the video, giving the plant a personality and emotions and really shows how the plant feels about the light.

great video bec 😀

the closer you get to the light, the greater your shadow becomes

another week, another set video task. and i know they shouldn’t be too hard but this one got me even more confused than last time. i guess it’s good i have the ole’ blog here to help me try and think these things out.

so, we had to take one 6 second video about “light”, one 6 second video about “not light” and one 6 second video about “shadow”. Simple!!! we use those things every day, it’s how we see and how why we don’t. and yet again, somehow, i’m just unsure. and i’ve taken u number of different videos and each one makes me more unsure of whether i’m filming “light”, “not light” or “shadow”. and again, one of my main issues as well is not really knowing how i’m going to be using these videos, how they’re meant to look or how they’re gonna fit together. we lost our class last week due to labor day so we have not yet had the chance to go through the tasks or what we are meant to do with the videos.

my problem with the videos I’ve taken so far was that to take a video that showcased some light, it had to be dark enough so that the light was obvious (we haven’t had much nice natural light lately coz of all the random rain) and thus the light created shadows and also consisted of dark. so no matter how much i tried to make it about “light”, it always seemed to also be about “not light” and “shadow”. for example, the video i’ve posted below:

Light 1 from lauren on Vimeo.

this is one of my experimental videos trying to work out what i’m doing. i feel like it is mostly about “light”, but it is also featuring “not light”. gah it’s all so confusing. maybe i’ll take some more videos later trying just to do “shadow” or “not light” rather than light and i’ll get a difference.

stay tuned