film tv analysis reflection 4, question 1

In this clip from Forbidden Lies, Anna Broinowski’s 2007 film: describe in detail all of the audio, how it may have been recorded/sourced and how you think it has been edited / layered in post. (You do not need to describe how the music was recorded)

sounds heard throughout the clip include:

the song

birds tweeting

magical sounding sound effects

cars driving

walking in sand


woman talking

cash register

voice over


camera shutter sound

opening cigarette box


pages turning

the clip is comprised of a vast array of sounds, some of which would have been recorded while filming the footage and others recorded or collated during the editing process. for example, the women talking to the camera or even heard as a voice over of other shots was most likely recorded while filming. however, sounds such as the music, the “magical” chime sounds effect or the camera shutter sound effects would have been recorded or sourced after primary filming was colluded. these sounds are then all complied together onto various tracks which are layer over one another. tracks could include the dialogue track, the music track, an atmos track (which would include sounds like the birds chirping or car engines or wind), an effects track (like the camera shutter as mentioned previously), and perhaps an action track. this last track may include sounds to complement actions seen on screen such as typing, turing pages or opening a packet of cigarettes. these sounds would not have been recorded while filming but rather by a foley artist afterwards and layered onto the other sound tracks to add depth.

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