Film TV 2 analysis reflection 4, question 2

Most applications reserve keyboard shortcuts for the functions that you use most often. It is really good to learn all of these as it will speed up your editing and additionally alert you to functions that the software developers and other users find important. (You can learn much about the software by looking at keyboard shortcuts). Find the keyboard shortcuts for Premiere and note four or more functions that you’ve never used before and why they may be invaluable to your editing.

Cmd+ T: create a new title. this is useful as not only can i never find the new title button, but often i use a lot of title or text so this shortcut can really come in handy to save time so that i’m not looking through a dozen menus for the new title button.

Opt+Cmd+V: Paste attributes. another great one, not only does it save me having to go through menus to click the option, but it will save me having to add the same effects and changes to multiple clips which can be pretty time consuming. if i change the colour slightly on one clip i can easily change it on others.

Cmd+R: speed/duration: i can never ever find this option quickly when i’m looking for it in the drop down menus so this is really handy to have. especially in a documentary when we may be speeding up or slowing down a lot of clips for dramatic effect or to show time passing.

Cmd+G and Shift+Cmd+G: group and ungroup respectively. i’ve put both of these together coz they’re connected kinda. i use this option a lot when editing and never knew there was a shortcut for this so this will be saving me a lot of time in the future.

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