film/tv analysis reflection final, question 1

Please write constructive comments/reviews of the films you saw. It can be just just those you loved the most or intrigued you the most.

first off, i loved al the films and i thought each one of them was great. gonna be hard to find constructive comments.

Milk: this was one of my favourite of the films screened. it was an original and funny story with a surprise ending. although it is a little short, the elongated milk spilling scene does lessen this feeling and it’s done in a comedic and enjoyable way. the music and comedic timing were great across the film. only one issue i found with it is the foley at the end where you distinctly here his footsteps as he approaches the milk bar but then no sound at all as he sits down. otherwise a really great film.

granny theft auto: i also really loved this film. its very enjoyable and you get s cruel sense of satisfaction watching the rude old lay get arrested as the boys get off free. the editing was really great, especially as the officer searches the car and we see the comparison of items from the two different cars. my only recommendation would be to in some way reveal the second car a little earlier. it comes right at the end and can be a bit confusing to people who had no idea that there was a similar car there. music works really well though out the film.

Pranking frank: this was another one of my favourites. i thought this was a brilliant script and very well executed. the editing was great, in particular the scene with frank practicing different things in front of the mirror. the locations worked well, including the establishing spot so the audience knew when we were back at franks house. on top of that, i thought the twist ending was brilliant and i really didn’t see it coming at all which i think was the only film that did that for me so i was very impressed by it.

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