how much control does the audience have? – week 5

the big topic in this week’s readings and lecture was the question of how much can we control what the audience interprets from our content? in reality, there are different levels of control that we can have depending on what the story is, how we communicate it and who is receiving it. but overall, you can never really be sure of how an audience will interpret your story or how much of it they will see, read, understand or change.

an interesting article in regards to this discussion is one describing the theory of “Active audiences”. the article/extract, which can be found here (you may need an emit login to view it, sorry) discusses how audience receive and restructure and rebroadcast any media they obtain. audiences are not passive so when we are making our media and our stories and our content, especially in the case of k-films, we must be aware that what we make can be interpreted in absolutely any way. while, as is evident in the article, the level of reinterpretation may vary between audience members, the theory is that every single person will interpret it not only different from the way the producer intended but from the next person to receive the text as well.

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