Blogging success

so, we’ve been doing this course for about 3 weeks now (feels like less coz of that missed Monday) but it’s gong fairly well. been taking weird random videos that make my family think i’m insane (ok, more insane, than i normally am) and we got the chance to revisit our childhood with those lovely debono (is that how you spell it?) hats when critiquing each others weird random videos. still not too sure how we’re gonna use them.

on the plus side, i made it back into adrian’s commentary blog so woohoo to that! on an ever better plus side, one of my blog posts about the readings got a comment on it!! at first i thought it was from adrian, until i check it out and realised it was the author of the article that i was discussing as part of the reading!!! Bjørn Sørenssen, in the flesh. well, not really in the flesh coz it’s online so it’s more like in the code, but still!!!.

as you can imagine i freaked out. but it’s pretty awesome. i’m proud of myself anyways. if you wanna see, check out the post here.

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