Tens Dreams of Technology

Steve Dietz readings entitled “tens dreams of technology” is a speculative Piece that comes from the point of view of art.

The article “presents the ten dreams of technology that frame the author/curator’s selection of ten new media artworks.” The author notes that these dreams of technology have a future, even if they have not yet been determined.

The dreams are simplistic and complex however “we must acknowledge their inability to change humankind into the likeness of their vision.”


  1. The Dream of Symbiosis
  2. The Dream of Emergence
  3. The Dream of Immersion
  4. The Dream of World Peace
  5. The Dream of Transparency
  6. The Dream of Flows
  7. The Dream of the Open Work
  8. The Dream of the other
  9. The dream of new Art (technology will lead art to a whole new art form, just as moving images eventually created cinema)
  10.  Hacking the Dream

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