Social Media’s impact on Journalism and Public Relations

As we come close to the end of semester, I am another year closer to finishing my degree and heading out into the work force. With one year to go, I feel that I should start to think about which direction I wish to head in, whether that be journalism or public relations. Although I already have a good idea of my future movements, that being in the direction of PR, I thought it would be necessary to have a close look at the two industries in relation to how the internet has recently impacted and changed them.


While the Internet is an exciting place full of new possibilities, it is also eroding the very industries that we aspire to. The rise of the Internet has had a vast impact on mainstream journalism. Social media and the Internet allows for information to be shared across the globe in real time, with virtually an unlimited audience. This exchange of real-time information has changed the way people receive their news. Previously news outlets such as CNN, BBC, ABC and newspapers were the only ways to receive news however the uprising of social media has changed the news industry providing a new media outlet for news.


Additionally, through social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and online blogging, recent history has shown that anyone can be a journalism and broadcast news.


On the other hand, social media seems to have had a more positive impact on public relations. Social media has reignited the PR profession as these practitioners have the ability to expand their roles. There is a new possibility for them to take on new responsibilities in their profession and expand their practices. For example PR has taken flight on social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook. Companies can create a portrayal of their company through these sites illustrating aspects and features that they want to reveal to their customers.


This positive change for the Public Relation industry gives me hope for the future. While Journalists still seem to be searching for the light at the end of the tunnel with this recent rise of social media, PR practitioners seem to have found it.