Hi there and welcome to my blog! So I guess I’ll start with the basics – my name is Laura Manon Doguet, I’m 20 years old and I’m currently studying the Bachelor of Communication in Media at RMIT University. A passion for media and content development struck me in my late years of high school and thus I spent Year 12 striving towards acceptance into this degree. I like to consider myself a very positive and conscientious person, with high hopes and big aspirations for my future. With a wide range of media interests, inclusive but not exclusive of television, radio and social media, I’m so excited for the journey and hard work ahead of me to secure myself a position within the industry.

At the moment I’m living the pretty standard student lifestyle – uni, work, uni, work followed by some ‘uni work.’ I’m consciously saving for my future endeavours, which hopefully will involve some worldly travels. In between all that excitement, I like to put away time for myself to hang out in bed and binge-watch Youtube, throw away time of Facebook and Instagram and getting addicted to TV series. When I’m not bed bound, I’m seeing my friends, hanging out with the family and just embracing life. I’m also trying my very best to secure work experience, internships and anything else that will set me up for my future. I like to think there are big things coming me, so please, stay tuned!

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