Reading one: Klaus Shwab – 4th Industrial Revolution

Klaus Shwab’s writing focuses heavily on the influences and consequences of innovation now and into the future, looking at it from social, biological, ethical and economical viewpoints. He is mostly interested in digital and technological innovation and what this means for society in terms of power, social change and what he terms the ‘on demand’ economy. Basically, he suggests that as new materials are found, and new ways of doing things are discovered and made cheaper, the way the world operates will change to accomodate these advances and this will effectively cause the fourth industrial revolution. This is because of the impact these things have on the way we work, and the way society exists structurally. He also delves into ethics and areas surrounding health research and development, however what I personally found most relevant to myself and my own experiences was his exploration into connectivity through advancements in technology and the internet, the ‘on demand’ economy and ‘the human cloud’. This is something I feel like I already experience as someone who is undertaking work experience and starting to go out into the field as a freelancer, as well as through finding crew for my own projects. In fact, for a recent shot film, I worked with someone that I never even met in person. We contacted each other over the internet and he sent me the work (titles and graphics for my film) over Google drive. I think this is an exciting development, and has many implications – mostly positive – in the field of media and filmmaking.


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