Project 4 – idea change

We’re gearing up to film for project 4 now, and we’ve come to the conclusion that we should change the concept of our film. Not overall, but now rather than showing imagery through drawings, animations, photos, emojis, etc. we are going to film two people at a table, and props will be passed in and out of frame across the table, matching with the dialogue. It will start with objects relatable to food, since fruit and vegetables have clear connotations when thinking about sex, and it will allow the set to look ‘normal’ whilst also conveying these hidden (yet entirely obvious) messages. It also works quite well because two people having a dinner date is quite relatable to the topic, and it just makes the whole thing more personable. If we can find an older person to interview, we would love to change the table throughout the video, throwing the tablecloth away and replacing it was doilies and thing more relatable to an older person’s house, and all in a single take. Visually this would be very engaging. As the film goes on too, we could add stranger props, and as the stories get wilder so could the visuals. I think it was a good move to change to this idea, but it’s going to be a lot of work!


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