Film 3: 24/8

Today we continued on with the exercises we started on Friday, exploring our ideas further. I feel like I covered what I wanted to in my last post though, and so instead of write more about my idea to explore character and emotion through camera angle, I’m going to write instead about the experience of filming with the group for these projects. Today I went out and re-shot Sam’s project, and I think even just from being a part of that I have learnt something important about covering all your bases when filming. What I mean by this, is we shot more the second time around. We shot multiple takes when it felt needed, and each shot was a bit longer than it perhaps needed to be, and I was given slightly clearer direction on what was needed from me as the person in front of the camera, and that all helped to not only have a smoother shoot, but also in editing afterwards and piecing it all together. It might not seem like much, but I think learning how to communicate with your crew and participants is something really important to learn, especially since everyone has something they can bring and talents that may otherwise have gone unused, and communication is key to getting exactly what you want from a take! I think also, whilst perhaps not as important, context can really aid an actor in nailing a scene. Telling your participant want you want from them is one thing, but showing them examples or giving them motivation or whatever it might be can really improve a performance, at least in regards to it expressing what you are needing it to.


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