Beginning Film 3

I am very excited to be a part of this course. In studying media at RMIT, one of my main interests has been to become more competent as a filmmaker and understand what it takes to produce various content. I believe this course is ideal for that, and I am particularly  fond of the idea of initially exploring traditional filmmaking protocols and techniques in regards to drama and documentary, but going on to become more flexible in finding my own approach to things and not be limited by genre conventions and established techniques. I think this will provide a really great balance between learning and developing skills through both theoretical and practical research methods.

Personally, I am very excited to make short films. I feel like I am finally being given the chance to produce something not only challenging, but that feels relevant to me in terms of working within a style that will be beneficial to me when I leave university. It also sounds like a lot of fun and is something big enough in terms of involvement to give a good idea of what it is like to work within a crew, to write for film (fiction or nonfiction), to produce, direct, edit, work with lighting and sound, and learn the ropes overall as a filmmaker. I also think that despite the group work, there will be a lot of self-lead development and learning and this is something I am looking forward to as well.

My goals are that by the end of this course, I will understand what it takes to make a film and what practises work for me. I want to have found an approach to filmmaking that is both successful and fulfilling, and I want to get an idea as to what my strengths and weaknesses are in this field.


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