Project Four Refinement

Today in class, my group had the chance to really talk through our plans for project four in relation to the feedback gotten from Seth after the last blog post. Overall, our plan hasn’t changed that much. Basically, we will be making a YouTube channel, and where previously we decided to create a primary and secondary channel (or at the least, playlists) showing the development and behind-the-scenes elements of our videos as well as the ‘episodes’ of the final idea for the show, Seth suggested that if the YouTube channel is the focus, then we only really have to create the final works. So the idea now is to create a YouTube channel for our comedy-parody-review show, where the focus is on creating review videos that parody real life (this is where the parody aspect comes in). We will also have a focus on uploading and managing a channel, and understanding how people use channels on YouTube to make money and gain views. This means our focus has broadened from just video form, to the form of the platform being used to upload these videos as well.


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