Post-Panel Presentation

During Monday’s studio, each group had to present for five minutes on their work for project three to a panel of four. It was useful to get the feedback from people outside of the course, who were coming in with fresh ideas and were able to provide new ideas from various perspectives, however it has caused a bit of trouble for our group since although we thought we were clear in the direction we wanted to take for project four, the feedback we received suggests we need to go in a different direction than we planned. Our idea was to continue with the idea of mixing genre with online video and real-life events to create a hybrid kind of parody video. The panel liked the idea of using anecdotal material, and they liked the idea of creating something new/experimental by mixing real life with an online video genre. However, they thought that in the example we showed (Recycling Dilemma) there was too much influence from the extra genre, and perhaps we needed to get the focus clearly back to online video forms. They also reminded us that parody was being used as a tool in our work to deconstruct the original video genres and explore the effect this had on the style and form of these videos, and that this was important to keep in mind for project four. In terms of a prototype, my group is now a bit lost, but it has been good to get this feedback and from this we can set ourselves new boundaries and come up with a new, better idea for project four that better answers our probe.


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