Sketch six: background poster

In this video the placement of objects behind the reviewer appears to be very deliberate, adding to his perceived personality and familiarity. In our sketch we attempted to recreate this, but with something less typical and possibly more comedic to show how different posters can lead to different responses and reflect differently on the reviewer.

In the case study, the reviewer positions himself in front of computer monitors, a camera lens and pictures of cityscapes. The computers and the camera lens assert him as a tech savvy reviewer with credibility in his respected field, and the posters of city landscapes work to give him character, as well as providing a familiar background for his ongoing audience.

In our case study, we chose to place an image of famous actor Shia Lebeouf in the background. First of all, this gives the video recognisability just as the city landscapes do in the case study. However, it also provides the video with an absurd sense of humour, as this seemingly random and irrelevant pop culture figure is placed without context in the back of a review video. To top this off, the image is also printed poorly, giving the video an amateurish feel, again similar to that alluded to in the voice over sketch.

In furthering the ideas of this sketch, we could choose to include more tech items in the frame, in the hope of making the reviewer appear more tech savvy in spite of the reality – he’s reviewing a bottle opener.


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