Sketch nine: Graphic text

Graphic text is used throughout the review, often in the form of measurements and statistics that give credibility to the reviewers opinion. We wanted to use this in our sketch to find out what kind of response an error in the text would garner.

For our sketch, we chose to create a title rather than copy directly from the case study, in which statistics are given in the form of numbers hovering on screen. We chose to differ from this because it allowed us to take on a more DIY approach and create a more amateurish looking graphic. This aided in exaggerating the error, as the title screen – made on iMovie – is inherently low fi as a result of the program it was made on. This is due to iMovie essentially being a free starter program for editor, and is recognisably amateur and notoriously cheap. It also looks try hard, as the title screen is overly stylised and aesthetically-minded, despite being something that does not suit this level of showiness. Another reason for picking a title screen for our sketch was that it stood in contrast to the case study’s graphics, which are suitably simple and straight-forward.

The error itself is a typo/grammatical error where ‘the’ is repeated twice. Not only does this make the video look poorly put together, but it accentuates the fact that although the title is so showy, the same effort has not been applied to basic grammar. This again links back to showing up how over the top the title is despite its context.


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