Sketch five: bad delivery

The reviewer in the video is very fluent and confident in his delivery, and this adds to the quality of the review. For our sketch we aimed to parody this by replacing his confidence and fluency with insecurity and mumbling to see how this effects the overall quality of the video. We found that Sam appeared awkward and uncomfortable in front of the camera when unable to finish his sentence, lowering the overall quality of the video as it loses its sense of professionalism, achieving the parody style we were after. Part of this also stems from an inability to be conversational, the try hard nature of Sam’s character aiding in presenting him as insecure and ultimately adding to the comedy of the video. The focus of this sketch was the acting, Sam having to play the part of an awkward presenter and for this drawing from the work of Ben Alex Smith. In the video linked, he portrays the role of a very soft spoken, reserved individual who deludedly thinks he’s cool.

He took things from his style of acting such as awkward eye contact with the camera, mumbling, breathing and an overall sense of insecurity, which contrasts heavily with our case study, creating a sense of parody.

This sketch then led us to the idea of making another sketch for jarring editing, where the insecure nature of Sam’s acting is attempted to be hidden by a cut to the same quote but delivered properly, drawing from the amateurish nature of the voice over sketch.


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