Symposium Week 12

  • databases
  • our blogs are all databases – pages don’t exist outside of the database it’s a part of – archives
  • our webpages made in html coding are not databases – these are static
  • database is the opposite of narrative structure and causal sequencing
  • media – almost everything online comes out of a database
  • if databases aren’t suited for causally run narrative, why are we trying to tell stories on these platforms?
  • world wide legislation and having to follow local law – just because google is located in California, must follow laws in Germany
  • databases are systematised, and not random – Betty
  • Adrian disagrees –
  • texts are full of gaps, and readers must learn how to fill in these gaps – big gaps = complex texts = more sophisticated readers
  • just because we can turn things into stories, doesn’t mean that they are stories – lists are not stories – databases are ‘list machines’
  • end of a list does not provide culture – could keep going
  • books are different to networking
  • in databases, due to interactivity, you are inviting your audience to use the media as intended, however you can’t force them
  • interaction design – affordance – multiple definitions – can be something that is explicitly slated by the system as to how you should use it (eg. iPod) OR anything that is allowed through the usage of the system (not intended purpose/usage, but able to do it)


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