Reading Week 10

…Is there one??



The reading didn’t load for me until today… I think maybe it was posted last night? Anyway, point is I have not had enough time to read it. So, from skimming the reading, what I can say is:

– databases can be seen as a “symbolic form” of a computer age

– databases can apply in a traditional sense, to computers. They can also apply in a modern, more cultural sense, and can apply to various systems such as storage or encyclopaedias

– databases can apply to narrative, and use algorithms in this respect

– ‘To qualify as a narrative, a cultural object has to satisfy a number of criteria, which literary scholar Mieke Bal defines as follows: it should contain both an actor and a narrator; it also should contain three distinct levels consist- ing of the text, the story, and the fabula; and its “contents” should be “a series of connected events caused or experienced by actors.” ‘

– Not all cultural objects are narratives


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