Choose Your Own YouTube Adventure

In light of this week’s reading on Hypertext, I found myself going back to one of my favourite YouTubers channel’s to find their collection of interactive adventures. In these, the creator WeezyWaiter presents the viewer with a short introductory clip, which is ended with the choice of two or more links which send the viewer off to a new video based on their choice. Bad choices often lead to the death of the main character, from which the viewer can choose to “try again” or “go back to the beginning” whilst others will send the viewer to various clips which will ultimately bring them to one or more possible endings. It is practically a “choose your own adventure” book in video form, making use of the internet to do so.

Another example of this is by YouTuber ashens, who made an interactive adventure which follows more of a linear form than the other’s in the previous playlist, but allows the viewer to choose which clips they watch in order to get there. By this, I mean that there is a linear beginning and end, it’s just the process of getting their that is individualised through its interactivity.


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