Symposium Week Four

I found the symposium this week a little confusing, especially considering the throwing around of opinions between tutors before Adrian would butt in with a concluding and final remark.

What interested me the most was the idea that we are not network literate. We don’t know how the mechanics of all sites and technologies work, but merely use the platforms available to us the ways we know how. It’s not necessarily ingrained into us yet, and I think this is where I get fuzzy on the subject. How literate is literate? How do we become networked literate? Surely there is more to it that RSS feeds…

Another concept brought forth was that just because you can write a book, doesn’t make you an author. Just because you can take your book to be printed, doesn’t mean you understands the mechanics of how it is printed. Does this make you illiterate? Perhaps, in the same way that not understanding how certain technology works makes you illiterate?

Interesting, but confusing…


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