The Fab Four

10492597_1423754051247267_7308951245830677081_nMy recent attendance of The White Album Concert (a tribute to the album The Beatles  by Australian artists Josh Pyke, Time Rogers, Phil Jamieson and Chris Cheney – the latter pictured with a friend and I in a photo snapped at the stage door) has significantly rekindled my love for the fab four. Since the concert I have delved into the world of The Beatles, re-watching A Hard Day’s Night and Help!, reading Bob Spitz’s biography The Beatles, and attempting to learn and reconstruct some of their tracks. Currently, I am working on writing out a single-guitar version of “Mother Nature’s Son” which I aim to cover, attempting to imitate the rhythmic melody of George’s strumming and his licks, whilst keeping the plucked base chords and progressions that Paul adds to the track. I am also working on a slower, more acoustic version of “I’ve Just Seen A Face,” trying to make it somewhat my own, without changing much more than the tempo.

(Photo Credit: Sharon Greenhalgh)


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