Radio Documentary – ‘Share-house Woes’

Myself and two other RMIT media students, Kimberley Lai and Bryan Loh created a radio documentary over the summer of 2013 titled ‘Share-house Woes’.



The radio documentary, ‘Share House Woes’ explores the hardship student’s and young adults encounter when looking for housing particularly over the summer period in anticipation for University to commence. The documentary draws on the recent epidemic in Melbourne with young adults – predominantly late teens and early 20’s facing homelessness. Three youth’s share their experiences – from squatting and setting up a water supply to living out of milk crates and working three jobs whilst being without a home. Through the characters, the documentary draws on issues surrounding youth homelessness including competitiveness in the current rental market, unaffordable housing for young adults, being low income earners as well as having a limited rental portfolio.












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