Hyper And Deep Attention (Week 1)

My attention span can range from 5 seconds to 5 hours. Whether I’m using hyper or deep attention is a different story. It depends on the actual activity. I gave the class handout my undivided attention because I couldn’t get away with checking my email. I already look suspicious. I concentrated on the piece and thus made that conscious decision to block all else out. Deep attention. 

However I’d like to acknowledge the times when I do make that conscious decision but still can’t block everything out. Example? My final Year 12 Literature exam. The dust on the floor was really distracting.

The use of deep attention vs hyper attention is a subjective experience. I appreciate the gradual shift from the resolute approach to classroom learning, which favours the use of deep attention. I disagree with strict no-music no-earphones rules, enforced in my high school. We should get figure out for ourselves whether we’re the type to focus better with some Beethoven playing in the background or dead silence.

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